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“What a clever point of view, which works so beautifully in this story. This creative writer uses exceptional choice of words, plot and structure. The author’s outstanding writing deserves a “10” and the No. 1 spot. Fantastic job.”


Writers-Editors 2018 International Writing Competition

Winner of 2 international writing awards, and 1 national award

Creator of promotional materials for government and industry that stand the test of time.

Contributing editor to several print publications in Canada, the U.S., and Europe.

Long time columnist

Author of 3 commercially published books

A writer who provides exceptional service to her clients; meets or exceeds deadlines; and hands you better-than-hoped-for copy.  Click the Communications button for writing samples.

“…a huge thank you for all the wonderful work you’ve done for Spot On this past year. Thanks for the ideas, the commitment and above all the efficiency. It’s hugely appreciated by the entire team here…I would like to ask you to continue your great work into the New Year.”

Talitha Linehan

Staff Editor, Spot On, Germany

“Your write-up was very informative. Enlightening. Everything was right to the point. People are still talking about it.”

Sylvia Mileham

Top Horse Blanket & Tack Service

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“Your flexibility and promptness was  wonderful and made my assignment run very smoothly. It was a tough assignment with a high profile client and you met the challenge head on… Your ability to put the text of the document in a simple format was appreciated and easy to understand by a very diverse audience.   It was a pleasure working with you and trust we can work with you on further assignments.”

Bert Killian

President and General Manager, Ontario Safety League